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Business English Class

Need English for WorkYou need English for work and not just for pleasure? This class will teach you how to present yourself with confidence and discuss your professional experience fluently. Through role plays, we learn to have fluent phone conversation in a business context, we develop our written business communication using both formal and informal styles, we learn how to express negative comments in a professional manner, and also understanding which subtle vocabulary gives strong and clear feedback.


Anna Moraitis

I’ve worked for 12 years in London as a Senior Manager for Accenture, one of the leading international consulting firms, and I will draw on my own experience to illustrate the exercises and the guidelines I provide. You are welcome to request specific subjects you wish to work on in class with me.

Tuesday 20h30-21h30
Class: 30€/h
Places limited to 2-3 participants.
Please reserve early to avoid disappointment: cosmobordeaux@gmail.com

Please see examples of past exercises below

We will cover some basic vocabulary used during meetings meetingto help you understand the phrases and idioms you will hear in that situation. We will stick to the agenda, we will get the ball rolling but still finish at EOB, and I guarantee you will all pass with flying colours!

brexitYou also asked to discuss the current news about the Brexit: Britain’s possible exit from the European Union. Here is some general background from the Economist, followed by statements from Hollande and Cameron warning of possible consequences at Calais from the Telegraph

US Election – GOP and Democratic Nominee
Our class will take place on Super Tuesday!super_tues_republicans On this crucial day, 11 US States will vote directly or indirectly for the Democratic and Republican presidential nominee. More delegates will be up for grabs at one time than any other point in the election cycle. Accordingly, candidates seeking the presidency traditionally must do well on this day to secure their party’s nomination. We will discuss – or perhaps speculate – the implication of the results for the coming US elections. If you like, you could read one article about the Democratic and one about the Republican nominees.

Business Phone Conversation – Practice 
We will use what we learned about professional phone calls in role plays for the first half of the class. Afterwards, we will make real phone calls to various organizations in the States and the UK (using my skype credits) to ask for information putting in practice everything we learned. I will prepare real situations based on your current professional background. Please reserve your place early.

Business Phone Conversation – Structure and Guidelines
Learn how to manage successful professional phone conversations:
– Introduce yourself (Don’t forget: “How may I help you?”)
– Spelling someone’s name (Don’t forget: “May I ask who is calling?”)
– Connecting someone/Putting the caller on hold
– Asking for information
– Giving negative information (Don’t forget: “I’m sorry…” “I’m afraid…”)
– What to do when you don’t understand the caller
– Taking or Leaving a message
– Offering to return a call
– Ending a conversation
– Leaving a voice mail message