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House Concert – Stay tuned – next one will be 23rd May where at 19h00 we open bottles, at 20h00 the music starts!

So what’s new at Cosmopolitans Bordeaux?

the queenA very moving speech by Queen Elizabeth calling her people to respond with self-discipline and “quiet good-humoured resolve” may apply to all of us. She also refers to her first broadcast from 1940 as an adolescent and she reflects on the times past since then. It’s a healthy dose of perspective and calm that I’d love to share with you. And after all…. it’s Queen’s English – so listen up!

Bill Gates also offers global advice on this matter on behalf of his Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation. Scary how much he predicted and was simply ignored by governments. Some thoughts on future epidemics caused by bio warfare await…..


But for those of you seeking inspiration and distraction during this period, here is the famous School Of Athens by Raphael. Not only the Vatican museum presents this painting, but also the Metropolitan Museum has in insightful article. I include some simple talks by the Khan Academy and some very thought-provoking discussions from BBC In Our Time, my personal favorite cause I always learn A LOT!

Previous topics:

Waterhouse_decameronWell, given the recent developments nothing less than the Il Decameron by Bocaccio spring to mind! In the 14th century the Black Death ravaged Europe and particularly Italy. The book contains 100 tales (erotic, funny, tragic, life lessons…) told by a group of seven young women and three young men sheltering in a secluded villa just outside Florence to escape the Black Death, which was afflicting the city.

Black DeathMy favourite BBC podcast about History is In Our Time and here is one episode covers the events fo the Black Death in medieval Europe. I love listening to the talk while I’m cooking. Switch on your laptop and do the same – it’s escapism but also informative! Here’s also an article about the history of Pandemics, a read that puts these days into a healthy(!) perspective.

USA flag pinA wonderful and harrowing film on Netflix i’ve seen recently is American Factory. In post-industrial Ohio, a Chinese billionaire opens a new factory in the husk of an abandoned General Motors plant. Early days of hope and optimism give way to setbacks as high-tech China clashes with working-class America. Watch it – it explains so much in so many nuanced and unbiased ways.

If on the other hand you are worried about the corona virus, it seems that some people are attempting to counter the spread of coronavirus by making their own hand sanitizer out of rubbing alcohol and aloe. A vodka brand urges their customers not to use their vodka as hand sanitiser.

So what else is up in our Cosmo world?

Music Jan 2018_7

Our Music and Apéro concert was a terrific success and we are fully determined to repeat the joy and frivolity in May 2020. We were one American, two French, a Romanian, and a Greek/German who performed enthusiastically music by a German composer, an Austrian, a Norwegian, several French, a Hungarian, a Russian, a Portuguese composer and whatever else came our way.

London Great BritainOur next weekend in London is set for March 2020. Our stays there are always filled with concerts, museums, picnics in the park, pub crawls, exotic restaurants, sightseeing, ice bars and sheer fun and exuberance! Click here for recommendations of affordable accommodation and flights. Remember, you are also welcome to bring your family and friends if you like. What to do once you’re there?! Well…. “who tires of London tires of life”, as Samuel Johnson rightly pointed out!

book-club2Interested in reading an English book or two this summer? Then look no further than our Cosmopolitans Book Selection to select the book right for you: Short novels, thick best-sellers, historical novels, romances, thrillers, thought-provoking, light-hearted, humour, drama, history or social science, it’s all there waiting for you!

How can you practice your English during the week?

news1Feel like keeping your English in top shape between classes? Look no further! Catch up with Past Topics, join our regular Book Club, find inspiration at our Love To Read section. Or feel like watching a Movie in English? You are interested in World News and enjoy reading the news in English or listening to interviews by business people or politicians?