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Profane to Sacred

Cathedral_AnnaLet me guide you along the path where the Worldly and the Spiritual meet: as part of this tour, we visit a Romanic basilica in the early Christian part of the city and stroll to the majestic Gothic cathedral Saint-André in the heart of Bordeaux. We end the tour in a magnificent Baroque church on a buzzing market square of modern life.Bordeaux_Saint-Seurin

This journey through history, art history and culture is tailored to each visitor group individually. Depending on your knowledge and mood, I will share with you fascinating and amusing insights during this 3-hour tour.

Sacred_Saint Paul_InsideOn special request we also take music as our guiding note to flourish this journey through time with both swing and reverence! I will be thrilled to describe the influence of the Troubadour music in the southwest of France to the polyphonic church music, the development through to the baroque era with the opulent cantatas with their sensual and spiritual texts.

From the Profane to the Sacred. Or is it the other way around?
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