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Sauternes can easily be considered ambrosia, the drink of the Greek gods conferring longevity or immortality on those who drink it…
The distinctive rich golden colour and the aromas of honey, honeydew, pineapple, mango, almond, fig, flowers, and salted caramel can make you truly feel half-divine even before the first sip!

sauterne6You might be familiar with the Ciron river flowing through the Sauternes region, the microclimate that causes the precious morning fog and the phenomenon of botrytis
So far so good! But what are the historical facts behind the noble rot and when did Sauternes wines become truly well-known on the world market? What is the secret of the grapes?
Did you know that every time you raise your glass you ought to thank entrepreneurial Dutch Merchants, covetous Spanish Kings, rogue Portuguese Spice Traders, prosaic Germans, the first American president, and the devastation of the Rhineland before you can relax with your Sauternes and say “santé“?!

sauterne5Come and learn about the myths and history surrounding this special wine and allow yourself to be transported with a glass of Sauternes in your hand and some foie-gras on your plate, as I narrate this panorama of history, legend and culture for you.

Enjoy the privilege and pleasure of Sauternes!

Two options: Tue 11 April or Wed 12 April at 20h30
Where: 39 rue de Ruat (Pey-Berland)
How much: 18€ including tasting (Sauternes & Foie Gras) please sign up early