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Spin to Fitness!

Introducing Spinbreak studio, your new home for fun and addictive fitness!


With indoor cycling classes, you give your aerobic performance a power boost which helps you efficiently burn loads of calories, strengthen and tone your body, and have lots of fun as you pedal to the beat of the music!

Classes are 40 to 45 minutes long, and are adapted to all fitness levels. During a class, we run, climb, jump, sprint, dance…all to amazing music. It’s one of the best fat-burning cardio work-outs that you will experience. Each class has its own music and rhythm that will empower you and help you work your core, without being hard on your joints.


About your coach Sandrine Werner:

Founder and coach at Spinbreak, Sandrine trained as an instructor in 2007 and has been coaching ever since! Her passion is fitness and she loves sharing it with others!

Classes are in English and in French. 

When? Monday to Saturday

Where? 40 rue Paulin, 33 000 Bordeaux

Visit spinbreak.fr for more info.

Contact Sandrine@spinbreak.fr or 0627161160