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St Emilion – History and Secrets

stemilion1Like many of you, I’ve been several times to St Emilion and admired the beautiful medieval town with friends or family. The first time I visited the monolithic church I was awed; the second time I agreed it was monumental; the third time – like a dutiful sheep – I followed the guided tour and was happy for my friends to discover this unique place.


Until one day, I raised my head, stopped in my tracks and questioned everything the guides tell us. Christian church? Really?! Dedicated to St Emilion? Are you sure? What’s the zodiac doing on the walls? Are the angels hovering over me seraphim or cherubim? King David playing a violin? Arstemilion14e you sure? I thought he played the harp! And where did the iconography of St George fighting the dragon originate from? (Actually, THAT was the moment I jumped in the air!). Oh, look a chalice! Why are there alchemical signs over the altar of St Nicholas? And, hang on! Why is the orientation of this church to the west instead of to the east making the church theologically blasphemous?! stemilion13This made no sense.

And who had this crazy idea of carving a church our of a rock (mono-lithos) instead of building it out of stones with walls and a roof as normal people do?! How did the workmen even have the knowledge of the statics required behind this construction?

stemilion8So I started to research over the years and have discovered what I consider a more plausible and deeply intriguing theory. I promise you will never see St Emilion with the same eyes again and you will want to rush back instantly at the end of my presentation!

Come and share the journey that leads us from Aquitaine to Cappadocia to the Holy Land to the … Perigord (bet you didn’t expect that one!).
Learn about the influences of Zoroastrianism, Platonism, the Cult of Mithras, early Christianity, and the Great Chain of Being. Discover what this space could really have been intended for!

When: mid to end May (Tue or Wed) at 20h30
Where: 39 rue de Ruat (Pey-Berland)
How much: 12€ per person, please reserve your place early