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Wine Vocabulary

red_wineSo you’re Bordelais and gifted in appreciating Bordeaux wines?! Does a slight hesitation creep into your voice when you desire to enthuse about wine in English?red grapes
Shy away no more from sharing your passion and inherent superiority with the uneducated masses. Join my Wine Vocabulary Workshop on and I’ll refresh your knowledge and eloquence in English when debating if in vino veritas, indeed!


The Rise of Bordeaux

From the Romans who first brought the vines to Bordeaux, to Eleanor of Aquitaine who never traveled without a barrel even to the Holy Land, Bordeaux was raised to international fame and fortune. I will present a high-level glance of how Bordeaux gained the prominence it still enjoys today.




Bordeaux Wine Classification
How does Bordeaux classify its wines anyway? Learn about the Classification of 1855 and of other classification schemes to differentiate the wines. How can you best explain in English the difference between First and Second growth?


Wine Aromas

English Vocabulary for describing Wine Is your wine flamboyant, toasty or dry? How is its body and finish? Is it angular, austere, (or God forbid) flabby? Do you prefer unctuous, velvety, or opulent flavors? I swear I’m not making this up! You may or may not delight in Nutmeg, Vanilla, Clove, or even Graphite in your wine but I promise to help you navigate the Glossary.

'Which wine list would you like, Sir - Classics or Plonk?'


On a more personal note, from my London years, I am also highly qualified to explain the glossary nuances between “plonk“, “booze“, and “Bolly” 😉

bordeaux-wine-corkAmateur wine lovers and wine industry professionals will all enjoy this panorama and will learn to express themselves eloquently on the topic of Bordeaux wine before and after drinking it.


Your participation is highly encouraged and I look forward to a lively discussion.
You are welcome to bring friends!

When: Tuesday 14th February (♥ Valentine’s Day ♥)
Time: 20h30
Please contact Cosmopolitans if you would like to join.
Where: 39 rue de Ruat
How much: 14€ per person, including wine tasting and delicious treats!